Bucket List + Vision Board

I have just read a Sunday column from a local newspaper about some socialites’ bucket lists. I can’t count the numerous times that I’ve created one myself. It wasn’t as effective for me though since I never once did any of things that I listed. *tiheehee*

I’m now going to try the alternative towards realizing my life’s goals: THE VISION BOARD.  So how powerful and effective is a vision board and is there really a right method of doing it?

Two years ago, I already made a vision board. Mainly because I was inspired by my brother who had one himself, and there were a bunch of things posted on his Styropore that have indeed become a reality. In my own vision board though, there were two things that almost sort of came true. Knowing myself, who’s ever so hard headed and rebellious,  I actually inhibited these ‘visions’ to become a reality. (yeah, I know T_T) Well, at least I know I’m close. I know I’m almost THERE.

So, do I choose a single method to get results? I figured, why not do both so there’s a check and balance on consistency and assurance that I’m not fantasizing and is still hooked on reality.

Here’s how the dzygurl did it


I’ve decided to make a list first. The list contains the answers to the question which inspired me to rebuild this blog. I may or may not add items to this list in the near future. Let me just tell you that I was so titillated while making this list, or is it yet again just my hormones?

1. Live alone in a condo, in the middle of a bustling metropolis; wallpaper: Tiffany blue.

2. Preside meetings, as … ahem The Manager, and astonish the audience with my tact and smarts.

3. Date eligible bachelors. P.E.R.I.O.D.

4. …while wearing a Herve Leger mini dress and sipping on a dry martini.

5. Compete in a boxing match.

6. Travel to new cities, beach getaways and countries with my hard-earned and well SAVED cash.

7. Start up a business.

8. Get married at 36.


I am more than excited to make my second vision board since I’ve already listed down the things that I’d like to do before I die. Hmmm, that thought still makes me cringe since I do have some health issues that I’m dealing with.

Okay reeling back in to the topic:

Here’s a video I saw in youtube. I checked out tons of videos on “How to Make a Vision Board” but the speakers seemed a little weird and Children-of-the-corn-ISH. Hehe! I like her version the best; she’s young and relative to our times.

I’ll make a post as soon as I get my new vision board done, dzygurl21 style!



4 thoughts on “Bucket List + Vision Board

  1. Love it! I’m in the process of creating my vision board as well and some of your bucket list items are similar to mine. Good luck on creating your board! Share a link when you do. 🙂

  2. I love the goals, both the more “serious” ones and the more fun things like the Herve Leger minidress. I have a vision board too…it’s just incomplete and has been sitting out of sight for a year. Now it’s up on my wall. And I just had a 40-minute run!

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