7 day challenge


Why 7 days? I say, why not? I’ve tried psyching myself to take on X-day challenges and I just end up forgetting to overcome the training that I started to put myself into. Since the peg these days is meeting goals, might as well meet and pose realistic goals.

I started my day pretty early than usual. The time I wake-up though usually doesn’t matter to me since I can wake-up as early as 6AM but leave the bed an hour later. Yes, I’m that lazy.

So, I guess I’ll just tell you what time I left my comfy bed? I STOOD up at around 7 am and strutted my way to the nearby empty parking lot. At last, I finally got to wear the running shorts I bought two months ago!

The breeze was real cool! Ohh I loved how the wind felt between my fingers! I smelled the familiar Christmas breeze. There were also more joggers than usual because it’s still a holiday today. And oh, I think I should mention that I probably dodged a dozen dog poop throughout my jog and walk. The village officers need to do something about the stray dogs.

There were more Dual Citizens (60 y/o above) today too! Go lola and lolo! Go!

After the jog, I dropped by the only decent gym in my village and asked about boxing! I have yet to get my gloves and hand wrap. I’ll do that real soon.

I also went to the first EVAH yoga studio in my village. Too bad the kuya I talked to to ask about the class skeds wasn’t too helpful since he  seemed like he doesn’t know what I was talking about. I’ll just go there again tomorrow since YES, it’s still a holiday tomorrow. Woohoo!

Later in the afternoon, I took my stats and…yes, numbers don’t lie. 😦 I reckon this is how cute I was before leaving my first teaching gig.

weight: 150 lbs

waist: 35.5 in

bust: 38

right arm width: 13.5 in

Jogging: 15 minutes

Brisk walking: 20 minutes

I had a light lunch and dessert. I’ll slowly cut on my portions and get back to my fish diet that I already once got accustomed to.

I’m just so excited since I’ve never been so determined to get back in shape again. I bet the serotonin’s still kicking in. I will scrub the bathroom floor, yes!



2 thoughts on “7 day challenge

  1. u gotta run morethan 15min… dahan dahan lng ang takbo, then u will be able to run 40min. steady pace, para indi ka hingalin agad.

    In one week tadaaannn… sexy kana ulit:)

    #baby 😀

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