She Works Hard for the Money

I am so dedicating this song to myself. I worked 12 hours a day for the past three days; out on the road for a minimum of 3 hours working from one city to another; and accidentally starved myself in the process. Me and my team have been preparing for a big demo that could bring in big revenue for my company.

Don’t get me wrong though. I’ve always liked the adrenalin rush I get whenever I’m bending over backwards meeting deadlines and conceptualizing fantastic ideas for the company and for my team. I’m a bit of a praise junkie too, so you don’t imagine how good I feel accomplishing my tasks at work and getting some thumbs up from my superiors.

It’s the first time in my career that I’ve played as the lone SME (Subject Matter Expert) in my team. It is indeed a privilege. On days though when my hormones seem to wreck havoc among humanity, stress, pressure and my high self expectations get the best of me.

From here on though, I’d like to make a more conscious effort to be nice to everybody while claiming that hard earned cash. *whew* But most importantly deal with the stress or gust of anxiety in the middle of battle that is the workplace.

What can one do then on bad days when road rage gets in the way of one’s 8-hour or for some 12-hour work shift?

1. Drink lots of water. H2o refreshes your senses and therefore helps you think straight.

2. Long blink. In my case, staring at my screen for prolonged hours make me lose my focus. So give your pretty  peepers a rest and you’ll definitely revive your concentration.

3. Stare at the ceiling. Haha! This really works for me, believe it or not. I usually start staring at the wall in front of me, then lift my gaze a little higher; sort of 45 degrees, and then end up letting my head lie on the headrest and then…

4. …Breathe deep. Just lay there and breathe deep, and focus thinking of your breathing. This is one of the basics by the way of meditation.

You can stand and play with your post-its after, but for me steps 1-4 already usually does the trick.

I won’t deny the fact though when I’d sometimes ‘release the Kraken’ and just spit out fire at others’ incompetence. Inclination to doing this though is not going to make you happy, believe me. Tantrums at work will just make you feel doubly guilty and of course ugly deep inside.

Baby steps towards professional maturity is indeed going to make working hard for the money more fulfilling, healthy and stress free.



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