Vision Board

“If you fail to plan, you plan to fail,” is an adage most beloved by managers or those who play a big responsibility whether it be in their respective companies, relationships or in the families. This was what I was thinking the whole time while scouring dozens of magazines for pictures that I’ll include in my vision board.

So, is there yet again a right way to make a vision board? I’d say yes, there is a procedure and you can reference to my previous post on How to Create an Inspiration Vision Board for tips and suggestions. You can also always Google for how different folks prefer to create their vision boards.

What I’ll share with you though is the process that I went through to create my Vision Board_V2. Here’s the process flow…nah I’m just kidding! Haha!

Here you go:

1. Gather a good variety of magazines. I used Cosmopolitan, Shape, Self, Nylon, Better Homes to make sure that I’d have a rich photo library.

2. Prep your art materials. Hey, I taught Art with my preschool students back in the day so I’m used to cutting, pasting and drawing squiggly lines…mainly because I can’t draw a straight line.

I chose a theme for this whole project. In my case I chose CHIC as it represents my personality and I just definitely love bling. I also used some tiny feather boa and glittered rubber mats as boarders, plus a brown folder and cork board to stick my pictures to.

3. Categorize. I asked myself which parts of my life are most important to me. I came up with four categories in my life that I’m so eager to visualize: self, love, career and money.

4. Get into the zone. I then scanned through all my magazines. ALL 24 of them. My criteria for choosing the photos are:

a. Relevant to any of the four categories

b. Photo must be powerful to strike me either emotionally or visually.

This stage was the longest to make since I either ended up reading the articles or staring at the topless men in Cosmo. Hahaha! (I swear I just stared! I didn’t daydream! o.O)

5. Cut-paste. I sectioned the brown folder into my categories, then cut-pasted the photos that go with it.  The challenge for me was making sure that all fit in the tiny space. I also made sure that there’s some sort of thought pattern, interpreted by the order of photos. See how the ‘Be fearless’ caption is placed strategically on top of the boxing gloves?

6. Prettify it! After all photos are pasted on the brown folder, I then stuck it to my cork board and made sure that there’s space for the boa and glittery boarder. In my case, I decided to leave a marginal space for some of my ‘to do’s’ which is one of the things that I love to make.

You can prettify your vision board as much as you want just as long that you stick to your chosen theme. Remember that you’re envisioning yourself X number of years from now. you don’t want to see clutter there.

7. Choose The Wall. And voila! You got yourself your very own vision board. YOU MUST post your vision board on a wall which you could see first thing you wake up in the morning. This is to make sure that you remind yourself everyday of the direction that you so willingly chose to go to.

Well girls, it’s your turn now to put your crafty mittens on and make your own vision board. Just make sure to remember, that the tangible representation of our goals, that is the Vision Board, is a sort of potential energy waiting to be released. One must be determined to muster taking a step towards meeting, and don’t forget enjoying one’s realized goals.


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